tahoe, winter wedding book custom, design & layout | Julia & Robert | west shore cafe & inn, homewood, ca

Designing Julia and Robert's 12"x15" wedding book ("the magazine") was a dream. The bride gave me complete creative control with her wedding book . "The Magazine" Wedding Book is a magazine/editorial presentation book. It is reinventing the way wedding imagery in displayed. These books are one-of-a-kind, handmade 12"x15" wedding "coffee table" books. And because they hold up to 300 pages and 400 images vs. up to 50 pages and 125 images for the flush mounted, board book, styled albums, they give me more creative ways to display the wedding images. The archival White Felt Paper used in these books have a really nice watercolor paper like texture vs. the thick block pages that comprise the flush mounted album. "Each book is made by hand by master craftspeople in the USA to exacting standards utilizing old world binding techniques to ensure the books will last generations." And if you could see and feel these in person, you would be blown away. :) LOVE! Enjoy! xoxo, Stacey