Reinventing the way wedding imagery is displayed. 

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design & publish

  • Custom Design: Highly personalized approach. Stacey Pentland will select the photos from your gallery and custom create a beautiful layout and design.
  • Publication & Print: Luxury, one-of-a-kind, handmade wedding books. Stacey Pentland has done all of the research for you to find the highest quality, fine art books to display & publish your beautiful images.

wedding book info.

10"x13" | 12"x15" 

Page Ranges
 200-300 pages

soft photo cover | hard photo cover | cameo, linen cover

flat silk, white felt paper

Pricing Range
$2750 - $3900 

Joyful, love-filled weddings are created with the details that make the couple unique. These fine art photography wedding books elevate a beautiful day into a deeply personal, unforgettable heirloom and keepsake.

couture wedding book

Features full bleed, photo hard cover that wraps the entire book; black linen slipcase with matching front and back cover image; internal photo endsheets. Printed on archival White Felt Paper with hand-sewn lay flat binding.

Couture Wedding Book
12"x15"  |  $3050 - $3840  |  up to 300 pp
10"x13"  |  $2750 - $3640  |  up to 300 pp

linen wedding book

Features grey, Japanese linen, cameo/photo cover, matching grey linen slipcase, internal photo endsheets, vellum pages within the book to mark the chapter.  Printed on archival White Felt Paper with hand-sewn lay flat binding. 

Linen Wedding Book
12"x15"  |  $3150 - $3940  |  up to 300 pp
10"x13"  |  $2850 - $3740  |  up to 300 pp

"the magazine" wedding book

A magazine/editorial style presentation "soft cover" wedding book. The archival Flat Silk Paper used in these books have a really nice watercolor paper like texture. A one piece, custom fitted slipcase is for addition fee.

"The Magazine" Wedding Book
12"x15"  |  $2820 - $3610  |  up to 300 pp
*Only available in 12x15" 

Luxury, one-of-a-kind, handmade wedding books that showcase photos in a new innovative, beautiful form. A personalized book that resembles what you would find in a museum book store.

featured wedding, meadowood, napa valley 

"the magazine" wedding book & layout, 12"x15"

Unique, high-end professional printed, heirloom wedding book. The photos from your wedding day are displayed & portrayed to create a unique wedding album experience.

featured wedding, holman ranch, carmel valley 

couture wedding book & layout, 12"x15"

Highly designed timeless pieces of art. Stacey applies the highest standards of integrity, creativity, quality, and innovation to create and publish the most beautiful, high end wedding books.

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