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  • Photo Cover
  • sizes: 6X7.5" | 7X10" | 12X15"
  • paper: silk paper
  • pages: 100-300


$1990 - $3700

Featured, Couture Coffee Table Book 1

  • Candice & Ben, Meadowood, napa valley {Linen Coffee Table Book, 12x15}

Stacey becomes a part of your family...

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Stacey. By far the best photographer in the Bay Area. Not only would I not have the most amazing photos ever but my day would not have run smoother, I wouldn't have been as relaxed and had as much fun without Stacey. She becomes a part of your family after delivering the best wedding photos I have ever seen. My husband, family and friends couldn't be happier with Stacey. Thank you!"

— Courtney & Keith, nestldown wedding

Above and beyond in all she does!

“My new husband and I LOVE Stacey Pentland!! She's an amazing photographer who goes above and beyond in all she does. We did not pay her enough for everything she did for us!! We truly love Stacey and if we're lucky enough to have children we plan to use her for our maternity/newborn pictures!.”

— Stacy & Derek, san francisco wedding

Super responsive, very knowledgeable, and professional...

Stacey absolutely made my wedding day, and I only hope that other brides get to have as wonderful and enjoyable of an experience with their photographer as I did.  Honestly, I think you would regret going with anyone but Stacey.  My bridesmaids, etc. all just thought she was above and beyond any other photographer they worked with at other weddings.
I was a pretty picky bride, and the photos were extremely important to me.  That said, I vetted a ton of photographers and Stacey blew them all out of the water.  Not only were the photos she had online impressive, but I spoke to her for hours about every detail I wanted and even met her for lunch a couple times.  She was always super responsive, very knowledgeable, and professional.  Her knowledge of light, camera angles, etc. is second to none.  I think it would be hard to find someone with her credentials.
She has a radiant personality, she is on top of everything, and every vendor I worked with, including my wedding planner, loved her.  I seriously cannot think of a better photographer.  My twin sister wants to use her for her wedding too, which she is just starting to plan..”

— Ashely & K.C, holman ranch wedding, carmel valley

Featured, Couture Coffee Table Book 2

  • Ashley & KC, Holman Ranch, carmel valley {Linen Coffee Table Book, 12x15}

Sweet, passionate, and zest for life that is contagious!

We have had a chance to look through every single photo, and we are absolutely blown away by how amazing they are!  They are so magical and truly reflect the magic and love that we felt on our wedding day.  The vibrancy of the colors and the lighting in all of the photos are just insane.  Your and your team's talent is truly undeniable and completely unbeatable!

You were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish, super accommodating, and your attention to detail was incredible.  I love how you made sure to get every photo that we wanted, and the questionnaire was so helpful for that!  I had a dream that our photos would capture the whole day from start to finish, and look like one of the many beautiful, style me pretty wedding sites I have pined over, and that dream came true times a million!  From the getting ready photos, to the first look photos, to the group/family photos, to the sunset photos, to the reception photos - they were all incredible!  (by the way - you could not have chosen a more amazing and perfect location for the first look and wedding party/family photos - the lighting was MAGIC and the trees and backdrop was seriously like a fairytale!!!  And the vibrant colors of the sunset photos were just ridiculous!)  They will help us remember our special day for many years to come, because you captured every emotional, love-filled, magical moment.  We can completely relive our day through the photos, and that is something so special.

You are so sweet, passionate, and you have a zest for life that is contagious!  You made our day that much more amazing just by having your presence there.  It felt like we had known each other forever and you were so comforting!  My mom even mentioned how amazing you were, and that she so appreciated your attention and care for her and making her feel special and an important part of the day too.  You just went above and beyond in every way so thank you for that! 

I am having a hard time letting go too of not only the day but you as are so special, and we have been so lucky to know you and have you as part of the best day of our lives.  
Thanks again for everything, you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!.”

— Sandra & Maurice, carmel wedding